10 Bizarre Things that were Considered Normal in the Past

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10 Bizarre Things that were Considered Normal in the Past

The past is filled with bizarre things that seem preposterous to us today. From weird clothes and shoes to all those strange things and devices people used at home would look perfect in a museum of the weird than our homes.

It has been proven throughout that ideals and ideas are both relevant to time. For example there was a time when even marriage outside you communities was considered a death sentence, it does exist in some places around the world even today, but on an urban level we have rid ourselves from this idea. Other ideas like slavery that were normal in the past are now banned across the world.

So the saying that ideas are timeless is kind of redundant in such cases. History All Day shuffles through the files of our bizarre past to bring to you 10 things that were considered normal in the past but are just not something we’d do today!

10) Outdoor Baby Cages

British families often kept such wire cages outside their windows. Even at heights, these cages were considered safe for women. The idea was that babies could walk and sit in them taking in a gulp of fresh air, while their mothers would complete their household chores. It is highly unsafe to practice such a thing today.

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9) Sending Babies through Mail

Shocking as it may seem, this actually happened in the past. Sending a kind to their relatives was an easy task. The parcel service would charge a mere 15 cents from you if your child weighed roughly around the same as a standard parcel. This idea would send chills down the spines of mothers in today’s time.

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8) Garden Hermits

This was something practiced by the upper class and the nobles. People who owned large gardens around their homes would often hire a person that would work as their private hermit. They were given a shack like house to live in and would have to abstain for cutting their hair or nails to look like real hermits. The owners often showed off their prized hermit possessions.

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7) Human Zoos

Yes! These zoos did not house animals but humans. This was the time when non-white people were considered backward and barbaric and so showing them off as animals was considered normal. There were a number of places in Europe where people from Africa and other places of the world, especially tribal people were brought over, and showcased as animals.


6) Radioactive Toys

Governments cordon off areas that have the slightest of radioactive traces, fearing contamination and death. But there was a time when radiation was considered a healthy thing and so people made toys that were radioactive. A child could set up an mini atomic plant in their homes and these sets also came with small quantities of polonium and uranium.


5) Weird Treatment Methods

Medical history is also marred with bizarre treatment methods and medicines that the people of the past thought were the only way to treat their patients. Many doctors and surgeons practiced operations and treatments that would instill fear in the people today. Lobotomy, cutting organs, filling bodies with gold and silver, etc. were thought to be normal treatment methods.


4) Mental Hospitals as Amusement Parks

Calling a mentally ill patient as a madman is considered something offensive and morally wrong. We have grown up learning these ethics and values. But these ethics were completely absent from the past, when mental hospitals were used as amusement excursions. People could pay the asylums to come and make fun of patients and even poke them.

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3) Smoking During Pregnancy

Reading about this would shock doctors today, but their predecessors used to believe something else. Everyone knows the side effects and the harmful effects of smoking, and being prescribed by a doctor is something that would never happen. But in the past, doctors used to prescribe smoking to pregnant mothers to rid them of their constipation. Weird!

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2) Cocaine Treatments

Considered today as one of the most lethal drugs it has ruined millions of lives since its discovery, this drug was actually used as a marketing strategy and was added in a lot of products used at home. Toothpastes would commonly contain cocaine and other drugs to sooth an aching tooth. It was believed that it healed coughs.


1) Collecting Body Parts

This would look like a hobby described in the case files of a prolific serial killer. But this was a common habit among people earlier. They would actually go out collecting body parts as a prized possession. Collecting enemy skulls was a common practice among soldiers of the past.

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Thankfully humanity progressed and we have some ahead of the time, when these things existed. Be it medical science or things used at home, men have always found out a way to make things weird. But a thing to be noticed here is that what we considered normal today might also be considered weird the future inheritors of this world.

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