12 Coincidences from World History that you wouldn’t believe are true!

By THP Team


12 Coincidences from World History that you wouldn’t believe are true!

Coincidences are one of the most fascinating things in our lives. The sheer magnitude and surprise element that hides behind these events is enough to create hype and an aura of fascination. There are many such incidences from history that show us how mysteriously the universe works. Whether you call it the doing of the universe or the miracle of a supreme power such as God, it is completely up to your belief. But one cannot deny the existence of such incidences that have been proven time and time again throughout history.

The World Wars, the umpteen wars in the medieval ages, the weird beings carved onto ancient stone tablets and the occurrence of devices in today’s time that were predicted hundreds of years ago all somewhere or the other hide in them stories of such coincidences and mystery.

History All Day coincidentally turns up with 12 such marvelous and amazing coincidences from history.

10) Is She Really Mystique?

Egyptian actress Zubeida Tharwat was one of the prime actresses during the silver age of Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence is the spitting image of this brilliant and beautiful yesteryear actress. Is Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique in real life as well? Who knows!


9) The Italian-German Re-incarnation

Enzo Ferrari is the founder of Ferrari one of the most popular and expensive car companies in the world. The man that made Ferrari synonymous to the word speed, died in 1988. It was a month after his death that German footballer Mesut Ozil was born. He is Germany’s national player and plays from the British football club Arsenal. Both are surprisingly known for their speed!


8) The Sinking of the Titanic was predicted!

Morgan Robertson a popular fiction writer published his fictional novel Futility in the year 1898. In the book a huge ship called the Titan sank into the ocean and became a huge disaster. Fourteen years later, the Titanic set sail and subsequently sunk into the Atlantic Ocean, just as the way it was described by Robertson. Such prophecy!


7) First and Last, Father and Son

The Hoover dam is one of the significant constructions by the USA in time. Its sheer size and magnificence and the theories that it houses a secret alien center have made the dam popular among the people of the world. But a small story of coincidence revolves here as well. George Tierney was a worker on the dam and lost his life in an accident on 20th December, 1922. He was the first person to lose his life working at the dam. The last person to lose his life working on the dam was his son, Patrick Tierney who also died on the 20th of December. What a coincidence!


6) Neighbors between Centuries

George Handel and Jimi Hendrix are two of the greatest musicians of their time. Obviously people of today do not remember the name of George but he was a pioneer in his genre of music. What is common among them isn’t only the love for music but also that they were neighbors, separated by 2 centuries. Handel lived in London on 25 Brook Street whereas Jimi lived at 23 Brook Street. Surprising, isn’t it?


5) Coincidence of the Presidents

Two of the most popular presidents the USA has ever seen are Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy both of whom are considered as champions of democracy. Each of them popular was in their own way. But what binds them together is the multitude of coincidences surrounding their assassinations. Both of them were killed on a Christian holiday. Both had four children. Both of them were accompanied by their wives. Both had a friend called Billy Graham. Both of them were succeeded by the vice president who was named Johnson and was a Democrat. Lincoln’s secretary was named John and John had a secretary named Mrs. Lincoln. That is plain outright crazy!


4) Poe had a Time Machine!

Edgar Allen Poe is regarded as one of the greatest writer and poets of the English language. He is revered around the world even today for his works. But one of his works made people suspect that Poe actually owned a time machine. It is because of this book Poe wrote which is titled The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. In this book four sailors escape a sinking boat and eat the ship boy called Richard Parker to survive. 46 years after the book was written this incident actually happened where four sailors escaped and ate the ship boy whose name was Richard Parker to survive. Poe you poetic time traveler!


3) The First and the Last Warrior

The British lost a lot of wealth and life while fighting the world war. This included the millions of people from the colonies as well. But one story of coincidence that came out of the war is in a way very poetic. This is about the graves of the first and the last soldier. The graves are actually just 6 meters apart and facing each other. This wasn’t done on purpose.


2) Anthony Hopkins and the Adventures of the Rare Book

This surely seems like a movie plot, but this incident actually happened in the life of Anthony Hopkins. The man that creeped the world out with his portrayal of Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs was also creeped out once because of the small little book. Written by George Feiffer, the book was titled the Girl from Petrovka, and was needed by Hopkins to study so that he could prepare for a role in a film. He couldn’t find it anywhere but suddenly found a copy of it lying in the subway. Even the author did not possess a copy of the book as his last copy was given out to a friend who had lost it in a subway!


1) It Ended where it Started

The Roman Empire is one of the largest and most affluent empires to have ever ruled the world. Their rise and fall is a magnificent story itself. But what is surprising about this empire is that it was built and ended by the same named man. Romulus and Remus were two brothers who founded Rome and the city got its name from its first king, Romulus. Surprisingly the last king of the Roman Empire was Romulus Augustus thus showing that the Empire ended exactly where it had started.



These coincidences show us the sheer greatness of the mysteries the universe holds in its wombs. There are hundreds of such stories that are still undiscovered and are waiting to be told to the world. We at History All Day strive to bring to you such stories from the deep mysterious past.

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