12 Photos that Show the Opulence of Flying First Class in the 60’s

By THP Team


Since the advent of the airplane, everyone around the world has dreamt of flying in the air. This became possible economically after the 90’s. Before that, only the upper middle class and the elite class could afford flying to their destinations around the world. Flying first class is a luxury for almost all people around the world. The special service, the extra hospitality, and the wonderful food are things we all crave in a flight. History All Day flies into the past to bring to you 12 photographs that show the grandeur of the first class in the 1960’s.

Viral Spell

Cruise Line History

Daily Mail


Daily Mail

Viral Spell

Odd Stuff Magazine

Messy Nessy Chic

Inside Hook


Inside Hook

Vintage Everyday

This shows how the elite have been traveling across the world for ages. Even today, flying first class is something only the rich can afford. But hopefully, as technology is advancing with pace, we hope to see the day flying first class becomes an economic affair.

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