12 Badass Photos of History’s Evilest People Having a Gala Time

By THP Team


History has shown us its fair share of people that can be called evil and vile to the greatest extent. From the likes of Ivan, the Terrible and Vlad the Impaler to Genghis Khan and Taimur Lane world’s most evil have ruled their part of the land for decades. History All Day gives you 15 photos of some of the history’s evilest people having a great day at work.

12. Hitler Chilling at the Lakeside


11. Hand Gestures was Stalin’s Thing


 10. Hitler Admires the Volkswagen Beetle


9. Kim Jong Un Enjoys a Rollercoaster Ride


8. The Baseball Team of the Ku Klux Klan


7. Idi Amin Laying off the Heat by the Poolside


6. Fidel Castro Enjoying a Game of Golf


5. Kim Jong II Showing Off His Shades


4. Vladimir Lenin Playing With his Kitty


3. Joseph Goebbels on his Weddin Day


2. Pol Pot Having a Hot Cup of Tea in the Killing Fields


1. Osama Bin Laden Looking all Innocent at Age 14

These men have altered history all along the way, from toppling over governments to creating new political ideologies, these men have been some of the evilest throughout history.

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