15 Images That Show Us the Twisted Side of World History

By THP Team


History has always been filled with mysterious things and unseen perspectives. We have known history through the things that we have found and the scriptures they wrote. But with the advent of photography in 1826, everything about documenting history changed. We were now able to make sure that what we are telling the world has a definite proof. But even then, the lens captured only that which the photographer wanted, leaving out a huge number of things that were captured by other quirky photographers with a knack for absurdity. History Pictures brings to you 15 such amazing photographs from the annals of history that show us a twisted side of the timeline.

A policeman fines a citizen at the Heemskerk Beach in Netherlands in 1931, for not wearing decent clothes.


A young woman cannot tolerate the heat and falls on the ground during the inspection of the Royal Woman Corps by Queen Elizabeth on July 6, 1949.


An American soldier plays with a baby kangaroo in Australia, 1942


Felix Wehrle, the man with the stretchiest skin shows off his antics in the early 1900’s.


September 3 1967, Stockholm, Sweden, the day the government implied the rule of driving on the right hand side from the left hand side.


The opening day of the Golden Gate Bridge on May 27, 1937.


People get in line to buy their first McDonald’s burger in Moscow, Russia, 1990.


The man who made surfing popular throughout the world, Duke Kahanamoku, with his surfboard heading towards the sea in Hawaii, 1920.


The British soldiers being taught how to diffuse mines in the dark during the second World War in 1943.


Women in Iran protest against the forced wearing of hijabs during the Iranian revolution of 1979 in Tehran, Iran.


Hitler in conversation with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini in Germany, 1941.


First African American Astronaut, Robert Lawrence photographed in the year 1967. He unfortunately never traveled to space.


Sled dogs and their master during the first Australsian Expedition to the continent of Antarctica between 1911-1914.


A nurse giving a child a sunbath in the year 1928.


A huge sea of traffic as the Germans move towards the other part of the town after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


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