15 of the Most Hilarious Art History Tweets That Give A Humorous Spin to History

By THP Team


15 of the Most Hilarious Art History Tweets That Give A Humorous Spin to History

History has always been this boring subject for millions of students around the world since ages. A small fraction of students actually consider it worthwhile and pursue it as a career. The money-making factor also deters a lot of people in developing nations to not take up the subject. But the introduction of social media in the past decade has changed this monotonous outlook towards the brilliance of history.

People have actually realized how important it is to study their own origins. But speaking on a lighter note, social media has also given history different perspectives like that of humor. Not everyone can create humor from something that is serious and factual as history. It takes immense amounts of skill and the idea behind creating this kind of humor.

History All Day brings to you 15 tweets of Art History that give this so-called boring subject a humorous spin off.

Art Space



College Humor

Trend Hunter

Know Your Meme


Ruin My Week


LOL Damn

College Humor

Sarcasm Society



Know Your Meme

Giving history this fresh new perspective has actually instigated millions of students to take up the subject. As they say that all publicity is good publicity, history also has now flourished on that concept. We at History All Day encourage the youth to take up history and bring about more new and fresh perspectives of this beautiful subject.

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