2 Hunters Found Something Lying in the Middle of Nowhere in the Cold Lands of Norway that Shocked the World of Archaeology

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2 Hunters Found Something Lying in the Middle of Nowhere in the Cold Lands of Norway that Shocked the World of Archaeology

Archaeologists around the world and in different countries often venture out on exploration projects looking for evidences of human settlements that might have existed in the ancient past. There is a huge study that involves this exploration which is more than just a guessing game. But luck also sometimes plays a major part in finding any site relevant for excavation. Sometimes they might find a small stone tool and sometimes entire civilizations emerge out of the sand.

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But this story doesn’t involve archaeologists but a couple of hunters that ventured out into the cold north of Norway to hunt reindeer and ended up finding something that sent shock-waves around the archaeology network of Europe.

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While scanning the Norwegian landscape for reindeer, the hunters stumbled upon a sword in intact condition. The sword upon appearance looked like a Viking sword and was a little rusty. The sword was in proper condition with no bends or breaks anywhere. It was one of the first swords found in the middle nowhere and in intact shape.

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The two hunters posted a photo of the sword and fortunately the photograph had stored the co-ordinates of the site thus allowing them to guide researchers to the spot. Archaeologists, researchers, and a group of other professionals from the Secrets of Ice organization descended upon the site.

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After days of extensive searching they found nothing. Instead of it being a disappointment it became as mystery. How and when did this sword end up at this place? There were no indications of a burial or any other human existence.

The dating revealed that the sword was more than 1200 years old. The hilt of the sword was plain which means that it was made of organic material such as wood or leather. Usually Vikings used to decorate their hilts with precious stones, bones, or carved wood to give it a special appearance. They would also name their swords. The sword was considered as the most precious thing for a Viking warrior.

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But how did this sword end up in these harsh lands is something that puzzles archaeologists even today! The probable theories are that maybe the sword was carried away by a blizzard to this point or a Viking warrior died over here. The body might have been carried away by wild animals as there are no bones that prove the death theory.


Nonetheless, this has become one of the hottest topics among discussion in the archaeology network of Europe. Research is still being carried on and soon we might know a few more concrete details about the sword and its origin.


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