5 Photographs You Wish You’d Seen First-Hand

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5 Photographs You Wish You’d Seen First-Hand

To have paintings that let you have a sneak-a-boo in history is one thing but to have genuine photographs of people in that era, to know how they actually looked and to feel a deeper sense of connection is a different thing all-together. But to our dismay, it was only in the mid-19th century that photography was invented.

Here are a few photographs clicked in the 20th century that tell certain stories of times we were not born in.

1. Of Flying Aircrafts and Tennis,1925

It was very obvious of people to consider this masterpiece as a fake one. But the photograph is as real as it gets and the brave people posing with rackets are Ivan Unger and Gladys Roy (famous aerialists). Ivan Unger and Gladys Roy were famous aerialists or what they call wing walkers. Wing walking was an acrobatic act that was popular in the 1920s. The whole idea was walking or doing acts on the wings of the plane while the plane was in flight. This was a daredevil like stunt since it was very dangerous. Imagine a man running on the wings of a plane today. Before the government disallows it, physics will kick in and kick the man off the wing. These people dared to play tennis on a the wing of plane in midflight. That is one courageous yet foolish task one can say. Luckily both of them survived this stunt.

Air tricks are popular till date with better and safer performance techniques. The photograph though is too good to be true.

2. Goalie Terry Sawchuk being hit in the bare face, 1950

Did you know! Helmets in the game of cricket were invented 100 years after the crotch guard was. It took 100 years for men to realize that the head is an important organ as well. In hockey though they brought in the idea of helmet in the pretty modern stage of the game. Prior to that, ice hockey players never wore helmets and that gave rise to this iconic image. It’s bizarre to know that hockey helmets were not considered a piece of obligatory equipment up until 1979 for National Hockey League players but knee and elbow pads were. What did they have for their faces? Imagine the HORROR!

Although, Terry Sawchuk, the man in the image had a lot of professional injuries. He played hockey for number of outfits and was also voted into the list of the 100 greatest NHL players. But he did not live for long as his depression and other  conditions forced him to quit playing and finally led to his death at the age of 40.

3. Stefan Michalak got grid-like burns while watching a UFO at Falcon Lake- Canada,1967

Be careful the next time you see strange objects landing from the sky. Because Amateur geologist, Stefan Michalak tried it once thinking it was an experimental air craft from United States Air Force and history knows- things didn’t go too well!

He thought there were humans inside and asked if anything was wrong. Before he could go inside, the voices stopped and the vehicle suddenly flew away. Stefan was struck by a blast of air or gas that left a strange pattern on his body. Doctors meanwhile confirmed that not only he was experiencing radiation sickness symptoms but was also mentally healthy i.e. no hallucinations from our man’s side. The story further could not be disapproved as radium-226 was found in the place the UFO landed. This is one of the most confirmed stories of extraterrestrials landing on the earth. Stefans injuries stand testimony to his story. He not being affected by any mental illness is another long standing proof of his story.

4. Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, with his wife Farah and children at the beach,1970

Too cool to be the Shah of Iran? With the Shah of Iran and his family wearing European Clothing and not letting their hair out, it takes a while to digest that Iranians looked more progressive and modern 50 years ago.

This particular photograph was taken 9 years before the Iranian Revolution when the Shah was deposed and had to escape with his family to Egypt. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 brought in a number of radical changes that the country of Iran had seen back when it was under the earlier Safavid Shahs during the medieval age. The people of Iran had enough of the Shah’s autocracy and wanted a better governance in place of what existed. Maybe they traded their freedom for what they wanted, for Iran is no longer the liberal land it was five decades ago.

The Shah of Iran was wanted in his own land during the revolution but he sought asylum in Egypt which was technically asylum under the USA.

5. Louise Brown, the first human to have been born after conception by IVF,1978

IVF has become a revolution in the world of medication and treatments. The idea that we can conceive a child without the need of engaging in the basic method of procreation is something that wasn’t imagined before. The religious outfits originally protested against it because they believed it was the violation of the laws of nature. But there is nothing better to give a couple a child they have dreamed for. There’s nothing ordinary about this very photograph. Around 40 years ago, IVF(in-vitro fertilization) was not as common as it is today. This is a photograph of the first human to have been born after conception by IVF- Louise Brown, a British woman. This was the milestone that led to millions of babies being born through IVF in the coming 4 decades and today, the growing infertility rates due to stress and other problems are forcing couples to use IVF as their last resort of having a baby.

Adoption was usually the option in the earlier times, but since the concept of IVF has taken over, couple choose to have a child through scientific procedure rather than adopt a child. Louise Brown who now works as a babysitter, and has a husband and 2 children (born naturally.)



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