8 More Shocking Things You Did not Know Happened During the Same Time

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8 More Shocking Things You Did not Know Happened During the Same Time

World history is filled with coincidences and things that happened around the same time, and because development doesn’t happen cohesively around the world, there are many things and events that you wouldn’t even imagine happening in the same place. For example by the time the Indus Valley people were creating one of the largest civilizations in the world, places in Europe had just discovered stone tools, and the beginning of the Paleolithic age. Surprising as it may seem, there are many such incidences in history.

Earlier we spoke about 8 things the world did not know happened during the same time, and now History All Day digs deeper into the pit of time, to bring to you eight more things you did not know happened during the same age.

8) The Fax Machine and the Oregon Trail

The fax machine revolutionized print communication in the world and it was the predecessor to a lot of print communication that we see today. But did you know that the first patent for an Electronic Printing Telegraph, a predecessor to the fax machine was submitted in the year 1843 by Alexander Bain. This was also the same year more than 1000 immigrants moved Oregon via the wagon train along the Oregon Trail. Surprising but true!

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7) Mammoths and the Pyramids

The Mammoth seems like an ancient species that existed just after the dinosaurs went extinct. We have always seen images of mammoths being hunted by prehistoric man but did you know that the mammoth is actually not that old. Surprisingly enough, the wooly mammoth walked the land in the north while the Egyptians were building the first pyramids down south in the valley of the Nile. There are myths that maybe they used the mammoths to transport the huge blocks of stones. Who knows?

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6) Space Explorations and Tectonic Activity

Many a time, the brightest minds in the world might not agree on the simplest of things and the when proven wrong, it seems as if we trusted the wrong people. But actually this was the case during the time when Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of continental drift to the brightest minds in the world. They rejected this claim. Note that this is the same time we took our first step into space. So factually, scientists believe that there was an endless space outside the earth but did not agree that tectonic plates existed.

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5) Nintendo and Jack the Ripper

Nintendo is one of the largest gaming companies in the world, and the cartoons and animes they created have been immortalized in popular culture. But what is surprising about this company is the year it was founded in. Jack the Ripper seems as a character from British medieval folklore but is actually a person that terrorized the city of London in the 1800’s. This is exactly the same time Nintendo was founded, which is in the year 1889.

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4) Right to Vote and the Moon

As we said before, development doesn’t take place cohesively around the world, and this is one of the finest examples. The USA was advanced enough in the year 1971 to send a buggy on the moon for research. They had taken a huge step towards space exploration and this was also a big feat for all humanity. But in another part of the world, one inhuman thing had just ended. And that was women in Switzerland were finally given the right to vote!



3) The Battle of Little Bighorn and the Brooklyn Bridge

The Battle of Little Bighorn is considered as a turning point in the battles between the settlers of the USA and the Native American tribes. The settlers led by George Armstrong Custer were defeated in the Eastern Montana territory by Crazy Horse and other tribe warriors. This was in the year 1876. This is the same time that the construction of the Brooklyn Bride, the first steel wire suspension bridge, began.



2) Orville Wright and the Nuclear Bombings

Orville Wright was one of the inventors of the airplane and his invention changes world travel and warfare all together. But an incident that took place during his lifetime may have made him reconsider or regret the decision of inventing the airplane. Orville was alive when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings took place during the World War II. He was alive to look at the destruction the bombs had caused while they were dropped using his invention.

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1) The Aztecs and Oxford

The Aztecs were one of the most advanced civilizations of South America but what one doesn’t know is that they aren’t an ancient civilization but a comparatively medieval one. As a matter of fact, the Oxford University is around 400 years older than the Aztec Empire. Shocking, isn’t it?

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These surprising incidents again force us to wear our thinking hats and analyze the complexity of the way time and space work. These incidents have been immortalized in their own sectors and have all been a turning point in world history.

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