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The internet is filled with misinformation and many credible website today publish stories that are based on hearsay and have no specific proof to back them up. These stories and news items lead to people believing in things and forming opinions on ideas that are actually false. At History Pictures we decided to debunk 8 such common internet myths and bring to you the truth behind these stories.

Myth 1 – The Apocalyptic Sunset in Moscow

This image did a number of rounds on the internet to be finally debunked as a hoax. The image isn’t photshopped but is a merger of two images namely, the sky taken by Dutch photographer Marieke Mandemaker and an image of the Krymsky Bridge in Moscow.


Myth 2 – A Pack of Wolves Walking in a Line

Another common image put up with a lie as a caption. The caption on the internet said that this image is of a wolf pack with the three sick wolves in the front, with five strong wolves in the front and the back. This is a myth as no such behavior has ever been noted among wolf packs. This is a normal wolf pack with the alpha male in the front.


Myth 3 – Obama in Front of a Sleeping Guy

The image can clearly be called out by a sane person who can distinguish between two images. This image is again a merger of two photographs into one.


Myth 4 – Astronaut on the Wall of the New Cathedral in Salamanca, Spain

This was a complete hoax. The astronaut still exists on the walls but wasn’t there when the original building was made. It was put there by Geronimo Garcia when he was restoring the cathedral in 1992. He also gave an ice cream cone to a faun on the wall.

The Epoch Times

Myth 5 – Melting Cars in Arizona

People went crazy after this image surfaced the internet, claiming that the US had a heatwave worse than the heat of the Sahara. But this was all a hoax. The cars definitely melted but not due to the heat in the state but due to a fire that was burning not very far from them.

Skeptics Stack Exchange


Myth 6 – They Eat Synthetic Cabbages in China

Another propaganda hoax, the video showing the making of a cabbage from synthetic materials was actually a tutorial on how to make props that look like vegetables so that you don’t have to buy a fresh one every time you use it for a play or movie.



Myth 7 – Arnold Schwarzenegger Spent the Night Outside a Hotel Since he Did Not Get a Room

This was actually done by Schwarzenegger himself but with the caption “How times have changed” symbolizing his journey from nothing to a superstar in the US. People loved to add a spin and suddenly his own work became a hoax.

Hoax or Fact

Myth 8 – The Whale That Died from Eating Trash

Though it is true that millions of marine flora and fauna die from the plastic we throw into the sea, this image was actually of an art installation that showed how plastic harms the fauna of the oceans. This is not a real whale but made out of recyclable material as a form of protest and to raise awareness.


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