9 Incredible and Unexplained Mysteries From The Annals of Time and History

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9 Incredible and Unexplained Mysteries From The Annals of Time and History

History has always been a study based on assumptions as none of the living people have seen actually what happened during the medieval or the ancient times. We rely on books and artifacts to help us create an image of the past. And that is why many a time we come up against events and things which cannot be understood by the human mind. Things like alien overlords, ancient divine beings, or gods, are ideas that have been coming down through the ages but we haven’t been able to decipher these mysteries yet.

History All Day unravels the pages of mystery to bring to you 9 unexplained and mysterious events and things from world history.

9) The Nazca Lines

A nightmare for many researchers, there is no concrete reason yet as to why these lines were made. People day they were created by aliens, as humans cannot make something so big and precise when it can only be seen from the sky. People don’t know why these glyphs were made. They represent a number of animals and are currently said to have been signals for sailors. Mind it that these lines aren’t modern and were made 1500 to 2000 years ago.


8) The Roman Decahedron

They are hollow structures made from brass or stone and have pegs on each of the twelve sides. They are considered as nautical devices but their true purpose is unknown. People think they were used for astronomy while some believe they were tools for understanding geometry while constructing something.

Ancient Origins

7) The Devil’s Bible

Also known as the Codex Gigas, this book is said to have been written in the 13th century by a Christian monk who had made a pact with the Devil. The Devil gave him the power to finish the book the earliest. It not only contains a translated Bible but also the texts of Hippocrates and Cosmas of Prague. The book also has information of exorcism and the first detailed description of the Devil. Twelve pages are missing, thus creating the myth that these pages held the way or chants of summoning the Devil himself.

Atlas Obscura

6) The Rongorongo Writings

Found on the Easter Island, these writing belong to the Polynesian people and are a form of proto-writing that consisted of symbols and signs. Some believe they were written by aliens. The date back to around 1200 years and are found inscribed on the large moai statues of the island. Further information might reveal the language thus giving us more insight on the statues and the culture of the people that lived there.

Ancient Origins

Situated in the country of Bolivia, these lines are sketched on to the earth and are approximately 3-10 feet in width. They are interconnected and cover an area of almost 8700 sq miles. They are possibly the largest archaeological site in the world. Researchers say they were used for religious purposes but the true reason behind these lines is still a mystery.

Amusing Planet

4) The Anitkythera Mechanism

Sometime in the 70 BC a Greek ship might have sunk into the Mediterranean Sea. In 1900 a few divers recovered artifacts from the ship and among those artifacts were three bronze pieces called the Antikythera mechanism. They are mechanical gears and show a technology way beyond the ability of the Greeks. They were possibly used for astronomical purposes but now research says that they might have been a part of a kind of ancient computer.


3) The Baghdad Batteries

In the 19th century, an archaeologist found clay jars in the country of Iraq. These jars housed iron rods, encased in copper cylinders. These jars date back to the Parthian era and were considered by him as ancient galvanic cells. But other researchers disagreed and stated that they were used to house scrolls inside them just like the ancient cities near them did. Many people replicated them and they worked as batteries thus creating further confusion. Maybe the Parthians had electricity.


2) The Hellenikon Pyramid

The construction of this pyramid in the country of Greece is actually a mystery as no one knows why they were built. They were probably built to commemorate those that died in a battle that took place at that very same spot. It was actually built in 2700 BC making it older than a lot of Egyptian pyramids. It was definitely not a tomb.

Elexir of Knowledge

1) The Plain of Jars

Belonging to the land of Laos, this huge grassland houses hundreds of jar like structures. They are 2000 years old and were probably a part of a funerary tradition of the people of the land. But the true motive of their construction is unknown. Many of these were destroyed in war but a majority of them still remain.


These mysterious events prove that there is definitely something that we do not know about history, maybe the gods were true, maybe there were aliens or maybe the theory that we devolved as humans somewhere in the middle is also true. We don’t know! And unless these mysteries are solved we will never know!

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