A Heat Wave in Britain Revealed Something You Would Want to Know

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Heatwaves are a common phenomena in the equatorial and tropical regions of the world. They are a period of hot weather accompanied by high humidity. The northern and southern parts of the world are relatively safe from this but this time climate change and global warming forced this catastrophe to hit the nation of Great Britain with full force.

The British saw one of the worst heatwaves in the country after the dreaded season of 1976. Though the heatwave caused a lot of problems for the citizens of the country, it came as a god-sent gift for the archaeologists of the region.

Crop marks are designs that are seen on the surface of the earth which are usually not visible from ground level. One has to take the help of aerial photography to recognize these marks.

In earlier times, the people used to build drainage ditches and fortifications around the buildings they built. Though the ditches were filled in the subsequent years, the moisture was retained by them. When the heatwave struck, the plants and grass in the region began moving towards the more nutritious top soil of the ditches for survival. This resulted in the visibility of the ditches, giving the archaeologists a brief idea of the structures that existed in the region.

Excavations then begin in the area surrounding these marks to reveal structures that might have been ruined or broken down into the soil over hundreds of years. The archaeologists in Britain have found a Roman fortlet and a medieval cemetery dating to the 8th or 9th century, up till now.

Archaeologists believe that more and more crop marks will reveal structures that might help us to understand the history of the land from the late Roman period to the Dark Ages.

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales or the RCAHMW is one of the organizations spearheading the exploration of these sites. But unfortunately for them, the clock is ticking. Rain is soon going to enter the land of the British and might cause problems as the crop circles might disappear faster than they appeared.

Amateur photographers and history lovers are aiding the archaeologists in finding and marking as many crop circles they can before the monsoon sets in. We at History All Day hope that they beat this barrier of time and give the world a find that might become a milestone in British history.


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