Terry Gilliam’s 1981 Cult Classic Set to Be Back with a twist!

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The Time Bandits is one of the most successful movies of the fantasy genre in history. Regarded as a cult classic by many, the Terry Gillam’s fantasy drama has been loved by everyone who’s watched it. The story follows an 11 year old child named Kevin who is chased by the Supreme being for helping six time travelling dwarfs to seek a treasure.

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Kevin finds a time hole in his closet through which the six dwarfs appear. The film starred Craig Warnock as Kevin, Ian Holmes as Napoleon Bonaparte, John Cleese as Robin Hood, Sean Connery as King Agamemnon, and a few more star studded names.

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Gillam had planned a comeback of the movie in the form of a TV series with Amazon back in the day but the deal did not fall through and the series was scrapped. This time, a new deal with Apple seems more concrete and foreseeable. The movie will be co-produced by Paramount Television, Anonymous Content, and Media Rights Capital. Terry Gillam will work as the non-writing executive producer of the series.




The film initially did not garner a lot of attention. Even the critics called it a hotpot of cultures, fantasies, and history. But the style of the film was something that was never seen before. Word of mouth spread, and the film soon started gaining momentum, and over a few years, we now remember the film as a cult classic.

George Harrison of the Beatles also hired Gillam to make a film called Life of Brian. They went on to create a few more movies before Harrison gave up saying that Gillam was too stubborn to work with. He compared Gillam’s talent and stubbornness with the late John Lennon.

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We at History All Day hope that this new series comes through with the same magic as the original masterpiece and becomes a part of this generation like it has 3 decades ago.

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