Did climate change create wars in the Mayan Civilisation?

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The Mayans are one of the most advanced civilizations that once existed in Central America. Their presence in the land is divided into three periods based on their prominence.


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The Classical Maya period spans 500 years, between 363 AD and 888 AD, and this is when the civilization boomed with immense construction of cities and pyramids. A lot of artifacts have been found from this period that gives an extensive portrayal of the life and times of the Mayan civilization.


This is where many different paintings and scriptures give us the mysterious link between climate change and the conflicts between the Mayan cities and people.


There were a total of 144 conflicts between 30 major Mayan centers in Mesoamerica. The conflicts increase from 0 to 3 every 25 years in the first two centuries to 24 conflicts in 25 years in the next period. This was a drastic change. Contradictory to the fact that these conflicts took place because of rains and water, the wars took place because of the summers and the increasing temperatures. These increasing temperatures led to droughts and famines and thus wars.

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Crops were affected which in turn affected the economy of different centers. Each of them sought to secure itself and this gave rise to conflicts and wars. This was also a reason the empire later fell. Nonetheless, the Mayans will be remembered for their contributions to architecture and art and will still remain one of the most mysterious civilizations of the world.

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