Dinosaurs Had Dandruff! The Amazing Prehistoric Hair Problem

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Dandruff is the menace that has been harassing humans since ages. The idea of a white flaky substance falling from someones hair makes us cringe. Imagine having to live with this problem for life. Fortunately we have shampoos and other products that help in eradicating this menace from our daily lives. What exactly is dandruff? Dandruff are the flakes of dead skin cells that come from our scalp and instead of falling off directly, they get stuck in our hair. Surprisingly not only humans are affected by this problem. There is a being that lived millions of years ago who too battled with the menace of dandruff. The mighty dinosaurs!



Dinosaurs Had Dandruff!

Shocking enough, but yes, the might beings that once roamed the earth also fought dandruff in their daily lives. But unfortunately, they did not have shampoos or lotions to keep dandruff away. They had to live with it for life. So what exactly is this thing? How did dinosaurs get dandruff?

As we said earlier, dandruff are the flakes of dead skin cells and the dinosaurs also had skin. This means that their skin cells too died and fell off. But the skin near the hair died and got stuck in the hair, giving rise to dandruff. Dinosaurs shed skin, but we now know, through research that it was in the form of dandruff. So technically speaking, dinosaurs actually enjoyed having dandruff.


How Do We Know They Had Dandruff? 

Palaeontologists have found fossils of dinosaurs that have fossilized remains of dandruff. More specifically, the Microraptor fossil found in China has fossilized remains of dandruff trapped between its bones. Since dandruff is basically made up of keratin, it cannot decompose and hence stays in the fossil forever. Initially humans thought that dinosaurs shed their skin like a snake, as a whole. But now we know that they shed their skin in fragments, or in the form of dandruff.




How Old is This Dandruff?

The origin of this dandruff has been traced to the period when the dinosaurs evolved into avian like beings with the development of feathers. Many researchers believe that it is the development of feathers that gave rise to dandruff. These beings with feathers could not necessarily fly, but were more like the emu or the ostrich.




Dinosaurs definitely are one of the most mysterious beings that walked the earth. As science and technology are advancing, we are gaining more information on the lives of these prehistoric beings. We at History All Day are proud of all the paleontologists that are working hard to uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs which in turn is helping us understand the origins of our evolution and creation as well.

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