5 Times When History Repeated Itself but No One Noticed It

By THP Team


History Repeats Itself! This age-old quote has been used and reiterated in almost all contexts throughout time. People have always used this line while trying to tell someone that this has already happened, and the world has seen the consequences of this act. But since we also use the quote, “To err is human”, we never learn.

At History Pictures, we have assembled 6 such incidents where history repeated itself, but we were too busy to notice the similarities and learn.

Joseph Stalin and Genghis Khan



The Tragedies of the Titanic and the Vasa

One of the greatest tragedies in the history of man, the sinking of the Titanic took the lives of hundreds of people and scarred thousands for life. But there was another tragedy that took place with the Swedish ship Vasa is very similar to the Titanic. They both sank in their maiden voyage. Both sank because of construction issues and the passengers died because of the dearth of safety boats.

The Erdington Murders

The major difference between these two murders is that they are 157 years apart. The similarity of the murders might lead you to believe they were committed by the same person. But that is not the case. Mary and Barbara were both murdered in Erdington, which is a suburb of Birmingham. The bodies were bruised, they were both raped, they both went dancing the night they were murdered, and their murderer was never found.

Chaplin and Distracted Boyfriend

The distracted boyfriend is one of the most popular memes on the internet, and Charlie Chaplin is the greatest comic that ever lived. Surprisingly, Charlie was the first person to create the distracted boyfriend meme. We just did not notice. The poster from his film Pay Day is similar to the distracted boyfriend meme. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Lincoln and Kennedy Assassins

The assassins of the two great presidents of the United States have similarities that might shock you! Both the presidents were shot in the head while they were public. They both died on a Friday and were killed by a solo man. The conspiracies around these two murders are every growing and phenomenally shocking.

The Great Depression and the Great Recession

Two of the greatest economic downfalls in the history of the world began in the US and spread throughout the world. The stock market implosion in the 1920’s led to the first economic downfall which was the Great Depression, and the second was a result of the high-risk loan crises.


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