Incest can lead to serious genetic mutations, here is how?

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Incest was followed by people since time immemorial and is still being practiced in many cultures. The rulers believed that it keeps the royal blood pure but had little idea about the mutations that could arise from it.

1.Progathism: the House Habsburg


Habsburgs ruled Europe for centuries but left a trail of genetic disorder named Pragmatism which began affecting their children with severe upper bites. Charles II of Spain became victim of this disease and left him in a condition where he could neither chew nor speak.

2.Dwarfism in Lancaster


Lancaster, a town in Pennsylvania was sparsely populated in 1700s that suffered inbreeding problems. The people there didn’t carry a diverse gene pool and therefore experienced a disease named Ellis-Van Creveld. It affected the heart of their offsprings and left them with stunned heights.

3.Albinism in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico, Caribbean island has the highest number of people suffering from albinism in the world. This is mainly because the people do not experience a wide range of genetic diversity there, which suggests that the intercourse with any close relative will make the gene dominant and Albinism will be expressed.

4.Microcephaly in Pakistan


It is very common for the Pakistanis to marry their blood relatives. This has given rise to a genetic disorder named Microcephaly where a child is born with his head that is way smaller compared to the body. This ceases the brain growth and adheres mental retardation

5. Fused limbs in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe’s Vadoma tribe suffers a high degree of this disorder. This is because their gene is dominant and moves in a small gene pool.



Incest often leads to infertility. The fetus developed from an incestuous relationship usually dies at an early stage. This is because the reproductive system of the offsprings is severely affected and the infertility easily passes on.

7.Club Foot

King Tut, born of incest suffered many genetic diseases. One of which was club foot which is a genetic disorder.


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