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Marlon Brando is one of the biggest names in the world of cinema around the world. Though we as a generation might remember him as the Godfather, he has given some of the most powerful and riveting performances throughout his life. Working in hundreds of films, commercials, and plays, Marlon Brando wrote his name in golden words in the history books of world entertainment. But there is one aspect to Brando that the world doesn’t know, and that was his love and sex life. Brando was one cassanova, as Quincy Jones said, he would f**k anything and everything that came his way. The History Pictures brings to you 5 unknown and amazing facts from the love life of the Godfather, Marlon Brando.

1. He married thrice and had 15 children

Marlon Brando and the word monogamy is an oxymoron. His love life shows how monogamous he was, he married thrice and had more than 15 children. He met his first wife Anna Kashil a Welsh actress and married her in 1957. They had a child together named Christian Devi Brando who was later put in jail for murdering her half-sister’s boyfriend. They divorced in the year 1959. he then went on to marry his second wife, Movita Castenada in the year 1960 after they met on the sets of the film Viva Zapata!. He stayed married for two years after which they got divorced. They had two children together. He then married his last wife Tarita Teriipaia who was a Polynesian model and actress in the year 1962. They met on the sets of Mutiny on the Bounty when she was only 19 years old while Brando was 37. They had three children together and and then eventually signed the divorce papers in 1972. Though he married three times, his longest relationship was with a Guatemalan maid Maria Cristina Ruiz from which he had three children.

2. His Steamy Nights With Jackie

Jackie Kennedy was known to be an icon of beauty and fashion throughout the US, but rare are her stories of flings and one night stands with famous people, especially since she carried the good guy name of JFK along with her all her life. But nonetheless, it was difficult resisting the man that was Marlon Brando. According to what David Heymann claimed in his book “Bobby and Jackie – A Love Story”, Jackie went out to dinner with Brando after which they danced and made out. He quoted that Jackie made the first move and asked Brando whether he’d spend the night or not? According to sources Marlon Brando and Jackie Kennedy spent two steamy nights together after which Jackie had had enough and so she let Brando off. Imagine being Marlon Brando and being let off like that. This obviously did not affect Brando as it was something that had been a routine all his life, and Jackie was just one of the many women that would come his way.

3. His Infamous Affair with Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor is considered one of the two greatest stand up comedians that every walked the Earth, along with the legendary, George Carlin. His humor was a mix of black comedy mixed with snide sarcasm against racism, misogyny, poverty, capitalism, and many more such evils. But the love life of Richard Pryor was an entertaining story in itself, starting with his marriages that were around 7 in number. What would have happened if Marlon Brando and Pryor met? What happened was something that wasn’t expected by anyone. According to Quincy Jones, Pryor and Brando had sex with each other, and the story was confirmed by Lee Pryor, his ex wife in a statement that said that the drugs and the music could force you to sleep with a radiator and send flowers to it the next morning. This event was actually negated by Pryor’s daughter Rain Pryor saying that it was Lee’s way of marring her father’s name. Marlon Brando’s son also confesses that this affair was completely bogus. But we still don’t know the truth.

4. Brando and Winters Were Friends With Benefits

Shelly Winters, undoubtedly one of the greatest female actors of the last century, she had a career that spanned almost five decades. She gave some of the most memorable performances of the 2oth century. But what became one of her most glamorous topics of discussion was something that happened in the real life rather than the reel life. Her affair with Marlon Brando was different from what Brando had earlier. Love wasn’t involved as they had a no strings attached relationship with each other. According to her autobiography, Winter claimed that her sexual relationship with Brando was something out of this world. She, like Rita Moreno, claimed that Marlon Brando was a sexual powerhouse and the last time she felt something that powerful and sexual was when she say Elvis Presley perform live in Las Vegas. She considered his allure to be undeniable and was something she could resist. We can obviously now see why Marlon was so successful in alluring women into his arms. His charm and looks were enough for a women to go bonkers over him and fall head over heels in love with him.

5. His Romanticism with James Baldwin

Quincy Jones, in his famous interview for Vulture claimed that Marlon Brando also had a romantic relationship with the famous author and social critic James Baldwin. Quincy claimed that Marlon would f**k anything that came his way, a mailbox, Pryor, Baldwin, Marvin Gaye, anyone. Yes! Quincy also claimed that Brando slept with the famous “Sexual Healing” singer, Marvin Gaye, which was vociferously denied by Gaye’s sister. Brando’s relationship with Baldwin was never fully confirmed but it was always thought that Baldwin had a number of homosexual relationships in his life. Eliminating the rumors, we know that Brando and Baldwin did share a close bond as Brando said in one of his interviews, “If you wish to ask me what I cared about most now, if you ask me to state what was important or lasting, it would have to be that I walked and sat and dreamed next to a man named James Baldwin.”

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