Mathew Broderick Killed Two People and 1987 and We Don’t Even Know This!

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The star of the famous cult classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mathew Broderick was one of the rising stars of the 80’s and was going strong in the world of cinema. His baby face coupled with his happy go lucky style of acting was something teenagers across the states were relating to thus giving him the fame and fortune he wished for. But Spiderman has taught us, that with great power comes great responsibility and that is what Mathew forgot. The History Pictures uncovers the unknown story of 1987 which ended with Mathew Broderick killing two women!

All of this started when Mathew decided to head off to a vacation to the beautiful isles of Northern Ireland and enjoy the county side of the one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. He was accompanied by his then girlfriend Jennifer Grey who played his sister on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Broderick had just finished filming for his new film Biloxi Blues and Grey was out promoting and publicizing her new film Dirty Dancing.

In the States we know that the cars are supposed to be driven on the right side of the road, but in Ireland the cars are driven on the left side of the road. Which means that if you do not know the rules in Ireland you might end up driving on the wrong side of the road. That is exactly what happened with Broderick and his girlfriend. The Irish women that were killed might have been walking on the right side of the road as they were familiar with the Irish rules of driving.Though when he was asked he said that he doesn’t remember the details, Whether this is a legal way of answering the question or he actually doesn’t remember, we don’t know.

What we do know is that it was a rainy day in Irvinestown when Broderick rented and BMW and began driving to Maguiresbridge when a sudden rainfall forced them to stop at a gas station. The road was obviously wet, which also might have been a factor of Broderick crashing the care on a curve free, smooth, Irish highway.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon, Broderick and Grey were lost outside the region of Enniskillen and had to go ask a police officer for directions. Thought the police officer gave them the right directions, he told them that the route they took was just plain stupid. He showed them a more sensible route, but Broderick did not want to change his plans and continued on the old route. The officer followed them to see if there was any foul play involved but once he saw that they were driving way below the stipulated speed limit, he stopped following them.

The accident saw the death of two Irish women, both of whom were related to each other. The first women was 63 year old Margaret Doherty who was a widow and was confined to a wheelchair because of being affected of multiple sclerosis. The other victim was a 28 year old Anna Gallagher who was the Margaret’s daughter. Anna was planning to start a family soon but the accident left her dead.

Broderick too suffered from injuries due to the accident and was admitted to the Erne hospital where the two victims were also brought. The wreck had resulted in his face being cut up and his leg badly broken. The fireman that saved him told the press that he constantly was asking if her hurt the people in the other car, and if they were fine. Sadly for Broderick, the women in the other car did not make it. Grey on the other hand survived with just a few bruises to show off.

Broderick was eventually transferred to the Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital where he stayed for about a month. Mathew was charged with reckless driving and was sentenced to jail time. But he was soon let go after he paid the bail charges of about 4000$. He returned to the United States and started living as if nothing ever happened in Ireland. He was never convicted completely for the crime he committed.

But the guilt of killing two women did not fade of that easily and kept buggin him throughout his life. 15 years after the accident he reached out to the family members of the deceased and fixed a meeting. According to sources, there were no bad feeling from the family’s side and hence it was easier for Broderick to apologize. He remembered the incident as terribly traumatic and he also took a couple of therapy sessions to get his mind off the fact that he was, even though by accident, a murderer.

Grey left the Hollywood circuit soon after the accident as she became the talk of the town after the accident. According to her, she did not want to earn fame over the shoulders of two dead people of whom she was indirectly involved in killing. His last impression of the accident was starring in a Honda CRV advertisement that aired during the Super Bowl in 2012. The family, especially the son of the deceased Mrs Doherty, considered the ad to be something of bad taste.

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