Rampant sexism of the 50’s reflects on the changes in the American Society

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The Americans introduced a new culture which the world calls the culture of the west. Being a relatively new country formed during the modern era, America has become the beacon on development and westernization throughout the world.


But this hasn’t been the case always. The 50’s were a very different time around the world, while many countries were coming out of the bonds of colonization and the World Wars, America was changing its ways.

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The 1955 edition of Housekeeping Monthly gave a very different insight on the role of women in the society during that time with their article How to be a Good Wife. Women today have brought themselves equal to men in almost all aspects of life. But in those times, women were considered to be more of a house-maker than anything else.

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From having the dinner ready on time to prepare yourself to look good before the man of the house returns, many of the rules might be considered blatantly sexist in today’s time. But that wasn’t the case then.


The wife should always be happy when the husband arrives. She should listen to his woes and be a good support to him. It is the wife’s duty to make the house a peaceful place for the man to live in


The woman has no right to question the man and always should know that she is the inferior one.

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We obviously don’t agree to such rules anymore, but this article goes on to prove the change of women’s role that has been brought through feminism and also the various movements around the world.

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