The Badass that Did More To Abolish Slavery Than Lincoln Ever Did

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The Badass that Did More To Abolish Slavery Than Lincoln Ever Did

Slavery is one of the darkest periods or blotches on the timeline of world history. The African slave trade began somewhere around the sixth century and finally ended in the 19th.  For more than 1300 years Africans were treated as inferior beings and the event today, racism is rife in many countries around the world.



The USA was one of the first countries to enter a civil war that ended with the abolition of slavery. Everyone in the world considers Abraham Lincoln as the Champion of Democracy and the man whose efforts finally led to the end of slavery in the Americas. But what people don’t know is the man that started the revolution. The man that was considered a terrorist by the American courts at one point in time is now hailed by African American rights activists as a hero. History All Day brings to you the story of this badass.



Considered by many as an American hero, John Brown was 12 when he led his first cattle to drive from Ohio to Michigan, all alone. He stopped at a lodge whose owner also was a slave-owner. He saw him beat a young black boy with a shovel and that is where the first spark was ignited.




Later on, her dealt with a lot of failures in life. His business went in the loss, he went bankrupt, he lost his family, and many more such failures plagued his life. He also had a lot of squabbles with the existing government.


At this point in time, there was a famed abolitionist by the name of Elijah Parish Lovejoy who was gunned down for his staunch disregard of slavery. He was a journalist and did all in his means to protest and fight back against this corrupt and racist system. John was inspired by him and vowed to pick up the baton where Lovejoy left it.


Brown moved to the state of Massachusetts which was also the anti-slavery hub of the country. There he built his team of people to fight against the system. He was the main member of the group that developed the Underground Railway System in the state that was also used as an escape route for slaves.



Soon the government proclaimed The Fugitive Slave Act where slave-owners could hire bounty hunters to hunt down the slaves and bring them back. Brown formed a team of vigilantes called the League of Gileadites to protect the slaves.


In the year 1855 pro-slavery people entered the city of Kansas and began imposing on the anti-slavery groups also beating the abolitionist senator Charles Sumner. Brown got so agitated by this that he brutally murdered five pro-slavery members in retaliation.

This led to a mini-war where Brown also lost one of his sons and took revenge by killing more of the pro-slavery men. He formed a team and tried to invade an armory but the mission failed to kill his sons in the process. He was caught by the government, tried, and executed.


Today, we have never even heard the name of the man that fought so vociferously and violently against the evils of slavery. Some might consider his means to get to his motive as wrong and unholy, but his dream was to see a slavery-free America. Many future activists proclaimed Brown to be their hero and have always kept him above Abraham Lincoln.

Though Abraham Lincoln did very little as compared to Brown, he was left in the wells of the unknown. But know the world finally knows the story of this bad ass, the first terrorist of the USA.


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