The Festival Where All That’s Music Began: The history and legend of Woodstock ’69, the first big music festival

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For 48 years, Woodstock ’69 has been one of the most famous and legendary music festivals around the world. It was the end of the 60’s and the start of one of the music’s greatest movements. The Hippie movement had just taken birth and was slowly spreading across the States and also the world. This was the time when four men came together to organize one of the biggest music festivals of that time.

Thousands poured in to witness the largest music fest of the age

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This was how Woodstock was born. Initially, they planned on organizing it at Woodstock in New York but lack of proper space did not allow that. So with the help of this noble person by the name of Max Yasgur, they organized it at his farmhouse.


Attended by 400,000 people at a venue spanning 600 acres, this festival surely changes music forever. Opposite to the myth, the Beatles never attended the festival but British musician Joe Cocker played one of the most beautiful renditions of a Beatles’ song “With a Little Help from My Friends” at the festival.

Joe Cocker performing a rendition of a Beatles’ song



The festival was attended by one of the greatest musician of the century, as Jimmy Hendrix performed The Star Spangled Banner, the American National Anthem, at the venue. It was noted as one of his best. Another fun fact is that Bob Dylan never attended the festival as he did not like the hippies.

Jimmy Hendrix plays the Star Spangled Banner at the fest


The festival was attempted to be organized again but it failed. In spite of all the problems at the festival, it is regarded as the start of all the music festivals that are prominent today. Indeed, it is the mother of all music festivals.

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