These Pointy and Bullet Shaped Bras; Have You Ever Worn One?

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One of the greatest fashion statements of the 1950’s was delivered when the hottest property of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, showed up one day wearing a bra shaped like a bullet. Soon it lived up to its shape and was called the bullet bra. Maidenform initially created in the 40’s and called it the Chansonette bra.

Retro Goddesses

Who knew this small invention would change the fashion industry in 1950. Referred to as pin up style icons, women like her were solely responsible for the bra reaching its zenith in the 50’s. it wasn’t only a fashion statement but also something that was suddenly more comfortable for women.

Retro Goddesses

Providing breathing space through the air pocket at the tip, the bras were a complete package. The “push up bras” of their age, they were usually made of nylon or satin with conical cups at the end. The end of the mid sixties saw the bullet bra losing its hold. But who knew that it would be back with a boom in the 21 st century.

Vintage Everyday

Some of the greatest pop icons of the 21 st century, Madonna, Rihanna, Kate Perry and a lot more reinstated the greatness of the bullet bra by bringing it back to the forefront. The world was left in awe in 1990 when Madonna donned the bullet bra in one of her concerts. Lady Gaga cannot be left behind in the race you see.

Vintage Everyday

All said we can be sure that this isn’t the last time we hear or see the rage of the bullet bras. They will surely be back with a bang in the future.

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