What NYC was like in 1950s?

By THP Team


Talking of the major hub of social & economic affairs, New York has gained the position on top of the list. Known as the Big Apple today, the city was much different back in 1950s. The recent discovery of photographer Frank Larson’s work provides a glimpse of the city’s vintage life. He always had a knack to capture random pictures on the streets after his 9-5 banking job. Photography was his way of relieving the stress! History All Day rides through Larson’s work that depict the sleepless streets of New York in 1950s.

1 Professional skaters performing at the Rockefeller centre

2 A lady at the ticket booth

3 One fine rainy day

4 Four poses for 25 cents

5 What Chinatown looked like

6 A man relaxing by the sea side

7 Children buying ice cream from a vendor

8 Young lads getting their shoes shined at Horn & Hardart Automat

9 A man promoting the movie ‘Johnny Guitar’ at the Times Square

10 A truck loaded with beer at NBC Theatre

11 Schoolgirls tattling on a sidewalk


Larson’s iconic photography was hardly recognized in his time but his death, his grandson found thousands of black and white images that give a candid glimpse of the everyday life in NYC, 1950s. Today, his work is showcased in the Queens Museum of Art and receives the recognition it deserves.

Reference: https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/vintage-photos-new-york-1950/


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